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We create Eye-popping
animated videos

Having problems explaining what your business or product is all about? No problem, we’ll gladly help you with an explainer video!

With a custom "explanimation", we put your audience on the tip of their seats, guaranteeing that they get your message in no-time. Easy as pushing play.

And if we say custom, we really mean custom. From fresh visuals to music perfectly timed on our animations.

First, we write a script and draw up a storyboard. Next we create the illustrations we'll use in your video. Then we record a voice-over with the voice of your choice and start animating in our studio. We apply your branding throughout the explainer video. To finish it all off, our sound designer will add a layer of sound effects and music.

That's one fully custom explainer video, ready for sharing!

Don't hesitate to contact us about our pricing! Fixed budgets for 30, 60 and 90 seconds of explainer goodness! We also have a tranpsarant selection of optional add-ons, like translations and subtitles.

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Hands-on info

The average person captures at least twice the amount of information when it’s presented in a video.

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Share it!

Admit it: we’re all share-a-holics. An animated explainer video is easy to share on social media and you’ll be able to view it on any smartphone, tablet or PC. Both online and offline.


Future proof

According to Cisco, at least 80% of the internet traffic in 2019 will be generated by video. You just can’t stay behind, can you?

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